corporate wellness

Saving Corporations Money by Improving Employee Health

We help organizations

  • Effectively reduce health care costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase employee retention rates
  • Lower employee health care claims
  • Improve employee morale

Our methodologies are based on functional health and nutrition to create optimal wellbeing for your employees because true wellness is far more than the absence of disease. By taking a preventative approach to health care, we can help your employee’s live happier, healthier lives so they become more efficient, productive workers.

Our mission is to help you effectively integrate and profit from corporate wellness by fully equipping your business with the tools and the know-how to create workplace wellbeing and success.

Our ultimate goal is to see your workforce transform their health allowing your organization to resourcefully navigate the skyrocketing costs of health care.

Corporate Wellness Programs Designed for Your Organization

Our thorough understanding of the direct correlation between nutrition, overall health, and the impact it has on your bottom line will create positive results for your organization.  

What makes us unique

  • Educational Wellness Workshops & Lecture Series
  • Health Assessment & Biometrics Tracking
  • One-on-One Nutritional Counseling
  • Health Strategy Sessions
  • Diet Analysis & Recommendations
  • Group Weight Loss Challenges & Detoxification

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